Facility scheduling and school calendar software for K-12 districts

Ever-tighter budgets, staff reductions and a challenging fiscal climate in general mean school districts must continually work to get the most out of their space and resources. Using EMS Software you can gain a real understanding of your buildings and event facilities with insightful reports to help you identify additional revenue opportunities using a facility rental program.

EMS for K-12 Schools

EMS Software provides the tools to help school districts optimize the use of their space and resources, and maximize their cost recovery or revenue generation strategies to provide the funds needed to support their students.


Infographic: EMS in K-12

EMS is used by K-12 school districts throughout the U.S. to maximize resources and increase funds. But how much can a district actually benefit from a facilities management solution? The numbers may surprise you.


Run Reports on Facility Usage, Billing and Daily Setup Requirements

EMS software features a wide variety of standard reports and they could be vital to your district's success. Why? With information ranging from daily tasks to space utilization, they offer everything you need to keep your district running smoothly today and to plan for the future. Check them out.

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Whitepaper: School District Facility Rentals

To request a copy of our K-12 whitepaper - School District Facility Rentals: Strategies for Initiating or Accelerating Your Program - complete this form or call us at 800-440-3994 x863 and take a look into our recommendations and insights on the benefits of a coordinated facility rental program.

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EMS District™

Schedule activities for local teams and individuals, track facility use permits & generate additional rental revenue with EMS District. Includes Virtual for EMS™ web interface as standard for online requests and reservations.

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What are People Saying?

We use EMS throughout our entire district to help schedule computer labs and recently also carts. It’s enabled teachers to more effectively use our computer labs and mobile device carts because they can see what is available on a daily basis. EMS allowed us to get rid of the sign-up clipboard and the piece of paper on the lab doors. Teachers can now reserve a lab classroom for their students, or a cart on a Sunday night right from their home if they want to and have it ready for Monday.
-Rob Carges, IT Director, Brockport Central School District

EMS Schedules...

Facility Types

  • Athletic Facilities and Fields
  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Auditoriums

Who Relies on EMS?

PDF Icon K-12 Education customers (including K-12 Schools, School Districts and Private Schools).

Case Studies

The following case studies detail how EMS has solved real-world scheduling and calendaring challenges for some of our customers.

PDF Icon Boulder Valley (CO) School District
EMS Professional™ helps turn empty spaces into fuller coffers

PDF Icon Rochester (MI) Community Schools
District sees five-fold increase in facility rental revenues with implementation of EMS

PDF Icon Arlington (VA) Public Schools
Internationally recognized "joint use" middle school and others in the county use EMS Enterprise to keep school and community events on schedule

PDF Icon Washington State School District Streamlines Event Management
EMS Enterprise software key to major improvements in facility scheduling efficiency