Certified meeting scheduling, event and resource management for government facilities

Government entities (Federal, Military, State and Local) and government-supported facilites (Civic Centers, Convention Centers, Libraries, Parks and Recreation sites) use our facility scheduling and web calendar software solutions to streamline the reserving of rooms and resources, manage events, and improve access for staff and visitors.

Federal and Military Government Industry Banner

Federal and Military

EMS maintains a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) for the U.S Army and enables federal and military sites to schedule rooms and resources efficiently.

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State and Local Government Industry Banner

State and Local

State and local government facilities use EMS to efficiently schedule rooms and resources, and improve inter-department scheduling communications.

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Libraries Industry Banner


Public libraries use EMS to facilitate public reservations, promote upcoming meetings and events, and handle any manner of scheduling challenges.

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Civic and Convention Center Industry Banner

Civic/Convention Centers

EMS enables scheduling and reporting on events of all sizes for civic and convention centers, ensuring all rooms and resources are ready on event day.

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Fairgrounds Industry Banner


EMS enables fairgrounds to manage opportunities for space rental and revenue generation by providing clear processes for room and resource scheduling.

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Parks and Recreation Industry Banner

Parks and Recreation

Rooms, fields and equipment can be reserved by the public or organizations without fear of double-bookings using EMS for parks and recreation facilities.

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