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Facility Scheduling & Resource Management for State & Local Government

At state and local government facilities, communication – both internally with staff and externally with the public – is key. EMS scheduling and web calendar products provide a wide array of tools for keeping everyone on the same page. From a centralized database that is accessible by all departments to the set of clear, concise operational reports that is standard in each system to interactive web calendars… the system has everything you need to run your facility efficiently and keep your constituents informed.

  • Space and resource management functions, including HVAC integration, for more environmentally-friendly facilities and significant cost savings
  • Built-in conflict resolution allows you to reserve space quickly and ensure no double bookings
  • Full, two-way EMS for Outlook integration turns your current email interface into a feature-rich scheduling tool
  • Integrate Video Conferencing for a truly seamless scheduling process for users across multiple sites and timezones
  • Support your mobile workforce and hit your target employee-to-workspace ratio using Shared Workspace Management (i.e., office "hoteling") functionality
  • Make the most of your resources with automatic inventory management
  • Operational reports keep staff and service providers well-informed; statistical reports assist management in assessing real estate utilization and forecasting future space/resource requirements
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What are People Saying?

Every day I'm asked by my clients what room they reserved and what type of A/V support they requested. I like that I can send them a Confirmation that gives them all the details.
-Veronica R., Scheduler, National Archives and Records Administration

EMS Schedules...

Facility Types

  • Libraries
  • Community / Civic Centers
  • Arenas / Stadiums
  • Convention Centers
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Town Halls / City Halls
  • Off-Site Facilities
  • Special Event Venues
  • Briefing Centers
  • Theaters
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Conference Centers
  • Shared Workspace (Office "Hoteling")
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Training Centers
  • Videoconference Facilities

Services & Resources

  • A/V Equipment
  • Catering / Food Service
  • Furniture
  • Labor / Personnel
  • Outside Vendors
  • Community Calendars
  • Lighting & Staging
  • Parking
  • Service Providers
  • Vans / Motor Pool

Who Relies on EMS?

PDF Icon Government Customers (including Federal, State and Local Government Organizations).