Manage meetings and events, coordinate facility use permits

EMS District™ helps school districts manage the use of their facilities by community groups, clubs, sports teams and individuals. Whether the goal is cost recovery, revenue generation or simply providing better customer service to the groups that use your space, EMS has all the tools you need.

EMS District™

Schedule activities for local teams and individuals, track facility use permits & generate additional rental revenue with EMS District. Includes Virtual for EMS™ web interface as standard for online requests and reservations.


Track Detailed Facility Usage

Integrated CRM functionality tracks extensive detail on the groups and individuals using your facilities. Manage relationships, log correspondence, generate quotes and contracts, attach documents and other files, etc.

Key Features

Add to Your District's General Budget

EMS District is designed to help school districts identify opportunities for additional revenue generation by maximizing the use of event and meeting space in the community. By using the billing and accounts receivable tools, along with accurate facility use reports, the likes of Boulder Valley School District and Rochester Community Schools have seen dramatic increases in rental revenue up to $960,000 annually.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Book a room, check availability or verify an event location using any device, wherever you are! EMS for Outlook, Kiosk for EMS™ and our Virtual for EMS™ web interface ensure scheduling access is available at all times for any user.


Scaled to Fit Any District

Utilize the Microsoft SQL Server platform to manage events and facility rentals for anything from the smallest to the largest school districts. Service and resource categories can be defined unique to one or more of your buildings.


System Includes...

Virtual for EMS™

    PDF Icon Online Browsing     PDF Icon Online Requests/Reservations

Leverage the power of the internet with this module for EMS District™. When it comes to effective use of your rooms and resources, ease of access is key. While your EMS system administrators will typically utilize the powerful desktop application, the majority of your users will access the system via Virtual for EMS. Simplify your scheduling with anytime, anywhere access! See it now!

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