Basic room scheduling for use in one building

At just $4,995, EMS Lite™ is a basic, cost-effective room scheduling product for managing meetings, events, classes and more that take place in your facility. Designed for a single building implementation, it comes complete with billing functionality, resource management and our Virtual for EMS™ web interface as standard. With free access to a vast library of online training videos, you can have your system up and running in no time! For more comprehensive meeting and event management, and/or multiple-site scheduling, take a look at EMS Professional or EMS Enterprise.

EMS Lite™

Designed to schedule rooms within a single building, EMS Lite is a cost-effective solution for smaller organizations or individual departments within an organization. Includes resource management capabilities.


Best Fit Search

This exclusive EMS feature finds availability for recurring meetings when space is limited. The Reservation Wizard finds suitable alternatives when a consistent room isn't available for multiple recurring dates.

Key Features

One Stressed-Out Scheduler: A Familiar Scene

Red-faced, Sue shuffles back to her office and collapses into her chair. It's been a rough morning. She is a room reservations coordinator who is dedicated to her work but is frustrated and stressed out. She’s tasked with managing dozens of events each week and all their various details using a labor-intensive and confusing process that involves multiple spreadsheets and a buggy homegrown scheduling program. She spent the last hour apologizing to a group that she’d accidentally double-booked into a room that was already in use – and scrambling to find them other accommodations. Sue wants a system that can handle all aspects of an event and will NEVER double book. (Scroll down to see how she spent her afternoon.)

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One Stressed-Out Scheduler: Scheduling Serenity

Sue carved an hour out of her busy afternoon to research scheduling solutions and discovered EMS Lite. She also spent a few minutes using a calculator to add up the significant amount of her time (and the organization’s money) that was being wasted on correcting problems caused by the current inefficient and ineffective scheduling process. Then she kicked back and sipped her tea, looking forward to a conversation she’d scheduled with her supervisor for the following morning.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Book a room, check availability or verify a meeting location using any device, wherever you are! Our Virtual for EMS™ web interface gives users and administrators scheduling access at all times from any web-enabled device.


Manage Billing & Resources

Perform basic accounting tasks like setting standard room and resource pricing, generating invoices, and grand total calculations. You can track catering, A/V equipment, or other defined resources in your facility.


System Includes...

Virtual for EMS™

    PDF Icon Online Browsing     PDF Icon Online Requests/Reservations

Leverage the power of the internet with this module for EMS Lite™. When it comes to effective use of your rooms and resources, ease of access is key. While your EMS system administrators will typically utilize the powerful desktop application, the majority of your users will access the system via Virtual for EMS™. Simplify your scheduling with anytime, anywhere access! See it now!