Professional Services

Whether you are rolling out EMS Software for the first time at your organization or have used the system for years and think you could benefit from some refresher training or a review of your scheduling processes, our Professional Services team can serve as a valuable resource.

Implementation Services

Professional Services steps graphic Every software implementation involves a set of steps that starts with understanding your needs and finishes with “going live” on the new system and subsequent review/fine tuning for maximum efficiency. Whether you have purchased EMS Software for a small group of users in one building or for thousands of users deployed globally, the steps – while they may vary in scope and duration – are the same.

The Professional Services team can guide you through this process, providing input and expertise at any or all of the steps. Our experienced and highly-trained consultants – many with backgrounds in facility scheduling, event management and meeting services – are eager to help you maximize the return on your investment in EMS Software.

For each item below, the need for DEA’s involvement is indicated in parentheses.

Needs Assessment (Recommended)

Our consultants review your current scheduling processes, identify the stakeholders involved, assess each operational need and determine where business practices and desired outcomes may be out of synch. They then produce a detailed report on their findings that helps drive subsequent implementation steps.

Project Planning & Management (Recommended)

Our Professional Services team works with you to develop a full implementation project plan based on the selected EMS products and services, available customer resources and desired timeframe for implementation. Our consultants can act as the primary project manager or participate on a regular basis with an already established project team.

Install Technology Framework (Recommended)

If your IT resources are stretched thin, or you simply prefer that our installation experts handle the process, we perform the initial installation of all software modules and test each component for proper functionality.

Data Conversion (Optional)

Our conversion experts analyze data from your legacy system(s) and propose a plan to migrate or convert the information. We then design this solution and execute it with little or no down-time for your operation. If you would like a quote on the cost of a data conversion, please contact an account executive and be prepared to provide a sample of your data so we can formulate an accurate estimate.

System Configuration & Design (Mandatory)

Having well thought out, correctly defined “core data” (rooms, statuses, process templates, calendars and groupings, etc.) is key to operating efficiently and effectively. Our consultants can pre-configure your EMS database for use and even assist with initial data entry if desired.

Integration Services (Optional)

An excellent way to increase scheduling and calendaring efficiency is to share data with related products. Through our Integration Services, DEA’s experts consult with you on the goals of the project, research the target system and then design and install the solution.

Custom Reports Development (Optional)

Although EMS offers an array of reports and powerful features, we understand that some organizations have special reporting requirements or functionality needs that go beyond the scope of our standard offerings. When this is the case, we are pleased to develop custom reports or extensions to the application that make EMS a complete solution for your business needs.

User Acceptance Testing (Recommended)

To ensure that your system is optimally configured, you will want to run certain “test cases” based on your identified business requirements. Our consultants can assist with this process, both in the development of test cases and by providing support as they are used to validate each of the required software functions.

End User Training (Mandatory)

Our consultants can help bring your users up to speed quickly by providing training specific to your system configuration and tailored to different audiences (event coordinators, service providers, managers, etc.).

EMS Go-Live Support (Recommended)

When you are ready to go live with your system, our consultants can be available for on-site assistance, last minute training questions or webinars, and priority technical support. After your implementation is complete and your system is running smoothly, our award-winning Customer Support team is available for ongoing customer care.

Ongoing Services

To ensure that you continue to get the most out of your software, you may want to take advantage of the services below periodically.

System Review

When you have used EMS for a period of time, or if you have never had us review the way you are using the system in your environment, a System Review can bring to light opportunities for improving your operations.

End User Training

Staff turnover, changes in business processes or the implementation of a major new release of EMS are situations where additional training (onsite, online or at the EMS Training Center - see Training Options below) can be very beneficial. As in an implementation scenario, training is specific to your system configuration and tailored to the group receiving the instruction.

Integration Services

Our consultants work with you to design and install a solution for sharing data between EMS and another product.

Custom Reports/Development

If after getting up to speed on EMS you discover a reporting need that isn’t covered by the system’s array of standard reports, or if there is an application extension that would allow EMS to solve another of your operational issues, we are happy to work with you.

Upgrade Planning

Our consultants can help you understand the impact of new functionality and/or technical requirements in new releases of EMS, and work with you to develop a plan that will ensure a smooth upgrade.

Training Options

There are a number of training options available for EMS so that you can get the information you need when and where it’s most convenient for you:


Sessions take place over the internet using a state-of-the-art web conferencing system that creates a link between your computer and the trainer’s. No complicated set-up is required; simply log-in, sit back and start learning! Pre-recorded sessions are also available for viewing.

EMS Training Center

EMS users can take advantage of distraction-free learning at our corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado.


Our consultants travel to your site to provide training on anything from overseeing EMS as a system administrator to using the system on a daily basis to running reports.

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