Comprehensive meeting management functionality for optimized real estate utilization

EMS Workplace™ makes it easy to book rooms and resources for simple meetings or complex events. With standard features like Virtual EMS and EMS for Outlook™, users can access the system where, when and how it is most efficient for them. Other included functions like Microsoft® Exchange Integration, Integrated Authentication and the HR Integration Toolkit make the system simple for your IT department to implement and maintain. Advanced reporting capabilities and office “hoteling” features help your company make the most of its real estate portfolio.

EMS Workplace™

Powerful facility scheduling system for managing meeting and event space, and associated resources. Includes EMS for Outlook™ integration for seamless and efficient scheduling using a familiar interface.


Business Intelligence

EMS Workplace features back end business intelligence processes including generating benchmarks, measuring actual room utilization and identifying scheduling trends, so you can optimize the use of your office space.

Key Features

Integrated Video Conference Scheduling

EMS Workplace allows for optional EMS/Cisco or EMS/TANDBERG integration for streamlined video conference scheduling. The system allows you to manage the rooms & equipment required for successful video conferences supporting multiple timezones for accurate worldwide scheduling. Download PDF.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Book a room, check availability or verify a meeting location using any device, wherever you are! EMS for Outlook, Kiosk for EMS™ and our Virtual for EMS™ web interface ensure scheduling access is available at all times for any user.


Flexible Hoteling

Highly scalable and versatile, EMS Workplace leverages the power of Microsoft SQL Server™ to track a limitless number of office spaces around the world, allowing them to operate independently or under a unified set of business rules.


System Includes...

Virtual for EMS™

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Leverage the power of the internet with this module for EMS Workplace™. Virtual for EMS provides fully interactive, real-time access to scheduling information via the internet or your organization's intranet. Website visitors can browse your building schedule or search for specific events from any computer with an internet browser. Authorized users (employees in your organization, meeting organizers, facility staff, etc.) can, depending on the level of access granted, submit room requests or create self-service reservations directly from the web through a secure, user-friendly interface. See it now!

EMS for Outlook®

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Tight integration for maximum efficiency...EMS for Outlook® integration lets users work within a familiar personal scheduling interface while having one-click access to self-service room reservation and resource booking functionality in EMS. Ideal for use with "unmanaged" space (i.e. rooms for which no official approval is required), this time-saving integration prevents double bookings while letting users find available rooms, review their details, reserve them and book any necessary resources (equipment, etc.) without ever leaving Microsoft Outlook®. Includes Microsoft Exchange® Integration (see below). Note: EMS Workplace is licensed for use with Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft® Exchange Integration

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Virtual for EMS can now be integrated with Microsoft Exchange® Server, allowing users to view the Microsoft Outlook® calendars of people they intend to invite and thereby simplify the process of meeting planning. This option provides the ability to confirm attendee availability, find an available room, request services like catering, and schedule resources like A/V equipment all from one centralized location.

Advanced Visitor Management with Badge Printing

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Basic visitor management capability is standard on all Enterprise-level EMS products. This includes the ability to add visitors through the desktop application or Virtual for EMS, to review entries on a Browse window and to print a Visitor Management report. Advanced visitor management provides those features plus easy entry of walk-up visitors, visitor list import capability and badge printing from a default template.

Kiosk for EMS™

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The Kiosk for EMS is software that turns a touch-screen display unit (purchased from any of a number of manufacturers) into a powerful yet easy-to-use interactive tool for room booking, wayfinding, office hoteling check-in and more.

Pair the Kiosk for EMS with the optional Floor Plan module and give users an added measure of convenience as they see reserved/available space on a facility diagram, making it even easier to find a meeting or a place to hold one!

Floor Plan Module

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Adding the Floor Plan module gives Virtual for EMS users (and Kiosk for EMS users, if applicable) an even more visual way to locate, evaluate and book the reservable space in your facility. Floor Plans also provide a means of wayfinding to see exactly where a colleague is sitting or a meeting is taking place.

Integrated Authentication

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This module establishes the tightest integration possible between the EMS Web Client or Virtual for EMS and your network or web portal. Integrated authentication works with Microsoft Active Directory or your custom web portal to streamline web account maintenance for administrators and eliminate extra steps for end-users.

HR Integration Toolkit

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This behind-the-scenes utility keeps contact information in EMS up-to-date, synchronizing it with another system that contains employee data (HR database, Active Directory, etc.). This module automates the maintenance of contact names, email addresses, billing information, web accounts and more including additions, changes and inactivations.

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