Success Stories

Here you will find a number of unique success stories, inspired by our customers.

  • Conference Room and Staff Scheduling

    Aside from utilizing EMS software to manage conference rooms, training rooms and AV equipment, this global pharmaceutical company makes use of EMS' flexibility for staff scheduling. Although not designed for staff scheduling, EMS recognizes staff as 'booked' when involved in training sessions to save from using a separate staff scheduling solution.
  • EMS Increases Efficiency at College

    Implementing EMS as a campus-wide solution has resulted in huge time savings and greater efficiencies. Over 85% of their customers use Virtual EMS to request space which has eliminated extra entry by the events staff as they no longer have to enter requests that were received via email. This has simplified their process and now allows them to focus time on other important tasks.
  • Scheduling & Events Receives Service Excellence Award - Thanks to EMS!

    This year, the Scheduling & Events team at this college received the annual Service Excellence Award which was largely accredited to their use of EMS!
  • EMS on a Worldwide Scale

    This global financial institution has 1,290 registered Desktop Client users in their system and 69,000 Virtual for EMS users. Together they complete around 3 million bookings in a year, spread around 770 locations in 32 different countries with a dedicated internal support staff based in the Philippines!
  • Selections & Packages in Use

    This university uses EMS to manage 190,000 bookings per year and process 35,000 service orders while using 'Selections' and 'Packages' to organize resources such as AV equipment. They use 'Selections' to assign individual AV units - by serial number - to events. They also use the 'Packages' function to create a variety of AV bundles for use.
  • Worldwide Office Hoteling and Meeting Room Scheduling

    This EMS customer manages 50,000 spaces within EMS, in 330 buildings across 53 countries. They have about 260,000 web users responsible for around 6,000 - 8,000 bookings every day! EMS Enterprise allows them to very closely monitor office hoteling statistics, including no-shows, for optimum space utilization.
  • Global EMS Workplace Implementation

    This global financial firm is currently live with EMS Workplace in 28 countries across 22 different time zones, with more than 88,000 active users!
  • EMS Campus Improves Efficiency

    Before switching to EMS Campus, it took 4 minutes for this university to create an event in their scheduling system. With EMS they were able to get this down to 45 seconds - an 81% time savings!
  • Church: Using EMS for More Than Just Rooms

    They may still considered “rooms” in EMS, but you absolutely do not have to limit yourself to reserving just rooms. At this church, EMS is used to reserve rooms, tables in the hallway, bulletin boards, banners outside, parking spaces, whole parking lots for outside celebrations, vans, as well as everything that goes with room reservations. This can include tables, chairs, beverages, all manner of A/V equipment, personnel, WiFi requests, and tablecloths. They were quoted as saying "It really goes on and on as far as the ways we have implemented EMS to make things easier. We also have the complete church catering menu on EMS, which includes all sorts of choices that can be made within each food item. It is amazing how well it works".
  • Global Deployment with Language Translations

    This global EMS customer has over 300,000 active web users worldwide and have implemented several language translations for Virtual for EMS including Korean, Portuguese and French.
  • Effective Office Hoteling Using Badge Reporting

    One of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the US using EMS Workplace, runs a badge report every quarter to see how many times an employee has badged into the office. If they have been in the office less than 12 hours a month, they are subsequently placed into the office hoteling system, required to give up their permanent cubical space, and reserve open space when they visit the office - helping the organization to save money and resources.
  • Hours Saved Using EMS Professional

    Using EMS Professional has helped to save users at this university about 80 hours per semester in room scheduling management activities.
  • Advertising Space - Another Unique use for EMS

    This University uses EMS Lite in a very unique way - to schedule advertising space. Student groups are able to reserve bathroom bulletins free of charge to promote their activities. They also sell table tent space for a small fee, all managed by EMS!
  • A (Very) Long Term Solution

    This hospital implemented EMS in the late 80's and has been relying on it ever since. Their facilities, staff and even the hospital's name have changed in the more than two decades that they have used our software, but EMS remains. If one measure of the success of a room and resource scheduling solution is longevity, this healthcare organization is off the chart.
  • Virtual EMS Improves Space Utilization

    This organization noted that using Virtual EMS actually increased their space utilization because requesters could see for themselves when space was available and request those times. Prior to this they had to contact the events office to check availability or were just told the space was not available for their time. This caused space to sit empty at specific times because the requesters didn't have direct access to this information.
  • EMS Designs New Space in Major Office Move

    Having recently moved in to a prestigious new office space, this leading global law firm used their historical room utilization data from EMS Enterprise to extensively plan out the new space - identifying the correct number of video conference rooms, large conference rooms, smaller collaboration rooms, and visiting attorney offices necessary to meet demand. A great showcase of what EMS utilization reporting can do, they were quoted as saying "we couldn't have done this move without EMS".
  • EMS Gives You Your Weekends Back!

    This multinational insurance group used to use Microsoft Outlook to manage their conference room bookings. The man in charge of reporting room utilization spent hours every month, in his own free time, using Excel to manually pull together free-text information to create these reports. Using EMS Enterprise, today, they are able to justify expenses, upgrades and repairs, and pull reports for clients in a matter of seconds, all the while running an impressive 80-90% utilization in their conference center. Family time on the weekend had also been restored!
  • Capturing Actual Attendance for EMS Reporting

    Using their own script between their badge system and EMS Professional, this university's sports department is able to capture actual attendance data during certain events and feed that back into their EMS system. This allows them, for example, to run analysis during "open gym time" to see if, and how much, the student body is using the facility and also helps them plan future "open" times and report on general usage.
  • Virtual EMS - Life Saver

    This church's previous website calendar of events was handled separately from their EMS Professional event management system and required manual updates on a one-by-one basis. Due to the amount of changes to events, it was impossible to keep the calendar up-to-date and users were frustrated that it was never truly accurate. Since installing Virtual EMS, the calendar syncs in 'real time' to ensure that it is always a true reflection of events and has greatly increased staff efficiency.
  • EMS Keeps Church on the Same Page

    Each Tuesday at the end of their staff meeting, this church has a reading of the EMS Event Schedule for the upcoming 3 weeks. It gives everyone on staff an opportunity to consider additions or changes to the schedule and provokes interesting discussion and reminders about upcoming events.
  • Virtual EMS Improves Church Productivity

    Virtual EMS has provided this church with the tools to optimally manage scheduling and improve productivity. What previously took several processes has been reduced to two or three steps, saving time and allowing them to operate more efficiently.
  • No more room conflicts

    EMS Pro is the only tool this church uses to manage all 70+ large rooms and classrooms. Since they are open 7 days a week and have various support staff on duty at any given time it is important they are all on the same page and that is what EMS Pro provides them. With the flexibility of reporting and notifications EMS has virtually eliminated room conflicts and has made it extremely easy to setup a reservation.
  • EMS for Resource Management

    This University demonstrates the flexibility of EMS Lite by using it to manage resources. Instead of rooms, the EMS database holds a list of all the resources that the students can check out, from tents & canopies to tables and other equipment.
  • EMS Streamlines Communication Tenfold

    This group of ministries uses EMS Enterprise as a one stop shop for all events across the group. EMS has helped improve internal communications between ministries and has reduced the number of event complaints to just one per month. As an investment, EMS Enterprise has paid for itself tenfold!
  • Versatility of EMS is a Lifesaver

    Versatile EMS Enterprise helped this Baptist church seamlessly manage a huge renovation project, handling changing spaces, new additions and temporary shifts in personnel with minimum fuss and no calendar conflicts!
  • Virtual Transformation

    Methodist church uses EMS Professional to achieve improved organization and better utilization of time and space. Using Virtual EMS has transformed their communications by eliminating paper work and repetitive phone calls to check a room status. Individuals can now check their events quickly and easily, even when out of the office.
  • Versatility of Virtual is a Life Saver

    This multi-site church uses EMS Lite to keep their events organized without any last minute resource or space surprises. Using Virtual EMS they can access their events from anywhere, using both Mac and PC systems, via the web.
  • HVAC And EMS

    Utilizing EMS Professional with a third party software, this church is able to control when their HVAC is needed in each space. This investment saves thousands of dollars in utility bills for the church by operating the systems only when each space is booked and in use for an event.
  • EMS & Synersol

    This Baptist church integrates EMS Professional with Synersol to connect their air conditioning, heating and lighting controls to room reservations. They no longer have to maintain separate Building Automation System (BAS) information, and have eliminated instances where air and lights are left running in rooms subject to last minute cancellations.
  • Virtual EMS has Transformed the way we do Business

    Virtual EMS has completely transformed the way this large, city university does business by eliminating tedious, paper-intensive processes that frustrated customers and staff alike. The result has been improved customer service (happier students) and better utilization of our space using EMS Enterprise.
  • Use EMS to manage ALL types of spaces

    One of the largest privately held financial groups in the world use EMS Enterprise to manage all types of spaces, including their conference center, video conference rooms, visitor offices (hot-desking), as well as long term and short term apartment stays.
  • Going Green

    This university handles between 12,000-15,000 reservations for their student center every year using EMS Professional. What's more, is that it is nearly an entirely paperless process!
  • Using Virtual EMS to manage vehicles

    A small college uses EMS Campus to manage vehicles and toll road passes for their faculty members. Access is easy – requests for both can be made via the Virtual EMS web interface, and administrators can now track inventory of their toll road passes as well as the vehicles themselves!
  • Campus-wide EMS roll-out

    University rolls out Virtual EMS and Master Calendar in complete overhaul of their room and event management system. Full implementation of EMS Campus is planned across the University including the Performing Arts Center, Athletic Center, all outdoor spaces and classrooms.
  • Improved efficiency of video conferences for federal agency

    This federal agency uses EMS Enterprise to manage approximately 50 video conference interviews per day. Across 5 locations, the agency has had to deal with an increased case load for interviews that require two rooms in two different locations. EMS made it possible to manage this load, succeeding in making the system quicker and more efficient.