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Academic scheduling software, or "classroom scheduling software", is used to assign courses to classrooms. Automating that labor-intensive process, while ensuring that instructor preferences, course requirements ("must meet in a chemistry lab") and other factors are all taken into account, frees valuable time for registrars, professors and other staff members.

EMS Campus™ allows schedulers to collaborate online to create, test-run, and compare different space optimization scenarios. When the ideal scenario is selected, the system automatically places classes in rooms and publishes the resulting schedule to your student information system.

Unlike timetable software or timetabling software, which is typically used to create a class schedule from scratch each semester, academic scheduling software allows you to "roll" existing schedules forward and modify them, making the scheduling process more efficient.

Ideally an academic scheduling solution can also be used by other departments to schedule meetings and events, and to publish a web calendar with class and event information. EMS Campus has powerful functionality for managing meetings and events (reserving and tracking resources like A/V equipment, coordinating catering services, generating invoices and recording payments, etc.). And once those events are scheduled, they can be automatically posted to a web calendar that is accessible from your campus website.

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