Chargebacks for Meeting Services

In many scheduling environments, no money changes hands for the use of space and resources. Instead, interdepartmental chargebacks are made against "cost centers" for the "meeting services" provided. EMS facility and resource scheduling products provide the tools you need to manage all facets of meeting and event related finances: quote/proposal preparation, invoice generation and tracking, payment processing and financial reporting.

Through some simple custom programming, organizations can often streamline their billing processes by having information from the EMS General Ledger Distribution report pulled into their accounting system.

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Suitable Products

Select the product below that most closely matches your organization's requirements to learn more about its full features and benefits. Alternatively, you can compare product features side by side, or request a demo to learn more about our software options from one of our product experts.

EMS Professional

Powerful room and resource scheduling

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EMS Enterprise

Comprehensive scheduling for large organizations

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EMS Campus

Academic scheduling and event management

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EMS District

Managing K-12 facility use in the community

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EMS Legal

Streamlined scheduling for law firms

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EMS Workplace

Shared workspace, room and event scheduling

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