Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management functionality is an essential part of a meeting and event management system. EMS room and resource scheduling software has integrated CRM you can use to handle all aspects of your customer and prospective customer relationships:

  • Capture contact information
  • Develop email/direct mail lists
  • Log correspondence, set follow-ups and alerts, and record comments
  • Automatically maintain a detailed audit history on customer accounts and individual events
  • Attach files (documents, images, etc.) to event or customer records
  • Generate event-related invoices, track payments, etc.
  • And much more…

Streamline event management and make your staff more productive by giving them access to both meeting details and customer information in one system.

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Suitable Products

Select the product below that most closely matches your organization's requirements to learn more about its full features and benefits. Alternatively, you can compare product features side by side, or request a demo to learn more about our software options from one of our product experts.

EMS Professional

Powerful room and resource scheduling

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EMS Enterprise

Comprehensive scheduling for large organizations

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EMS Campus

Academic scheduling and event management

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EMS District

Managing K-12 facility use in the community

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EMS Legal

Streamlined scheduling for law firms

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EMS Workplace

Shared workspace, room and event scheduling

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