Integration with Video Conference Systems

While video conference systems (such as those from Cisco, TANDBERG, Polycom, etc.) control the delivery of audio and video content, the scheduling component within the software is typically designed to be used by the person responsible for all the technical aspects of the session. As a result, meeting organizers must rely on technicians, who are frequently away from their desks and difficult to reach, to schedule video conferences or make changes to them. Consequently, it's only through the integration with room and resource scheduling software that a solution is truly complete and intuitive.

Utilizing an optional module, user-friendly EMS products can share data with video conference systems to streamline the scheduling of video conferences and telepresence meetings (in part because entry into two systems is no longer necessary) and ensure that the necessary equipment is available. EMS is time zone aware and does time conversions to ensure there is no miscommunication about when meetings are scheduled.

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Suitable Products

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EMS Enterprise

Comprehensive scheduling for large organizations

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EMS Campus

Academic scheduling and event management

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EMS District

Managing K-12 facility use in the community

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EMS Legal

Streamlined scheduling for law firms

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EMS Workplace

Shared workspace, room and event scheduling

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