Reserve Rooms via Touch Screen Kiosk

The EMS Kiosk is software that turns a touch-screen display unit (purchased from any of a number of manufacturers) into a powerful yet easy-to-use interactive tool for room booking, wayfinding, office hoteling check-in and more.

Photo of Room Wizard Unit

Pair the EMS Kiosk with the optional Floor Plan module and give users an added measure of convenience as they see reserved/available space on a facility diagram, making it even easier to find a meeting or a place to hold one!

For companies using EMS Workplace for office hoteling, the kiosk can be used to check in/out of reserved workspace, to locate colleagues' work sites and more.

Visitors can benefit from the wayfinding capability and other interactive functions.

EMS Professional Ideal for more complex scheduling and where multiple buildings are managed
EMS Enterprise Best for multiple facilities that are managed independently or geographically dispersed
EMS Workplace Facilitates alternative working arrangements, often called hoteling or hot-desking, plus meeting and event management
EMS Campus Ideal for colleges and universities to optimize the use of facilities campus-wide
EMS District Activity scheduling and rental revenue management for K-12 school districts