Room Utilization Software

"Room utilization," which is also referred to as "space utilization," "facility utilization," or more generically as "resource utilization," is a measure of operational effectiveness that figures prominently in a number of industries, but is of special significance in:

  • Higher education - Where classroom utilization is an important metric
  • Corporations - Where understanding meeting room and shared workspace utilization is critical to business decisions regarding an organization's real estate portfolio

A number of practices play a role in room utilization. The first is optimizing room utilization - ensuring that meetings are taking place in rooms of the appropriate size, that meetings and events are distributed across your rooms so no space is over/underused, etc. The second is to minimize no-shows so that space that could be used isn't left empty. And then facility utilization reporting lets you document room utilization.

While all EMS products provide some measure of utilization tracking and reporting, the products below provide the most advanced business intelligence capabilities including analytics, trending and benchmarking.

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Suitable Products

Select the product below that most closely matches your organization's requirements to learn more about its full features and benefits. Alternatively, you can compare product features side by side, or request a demo to learn more about our software options from one of our product experts.

EMS Professional

Powerful room and resource scheduling

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EMS Enterprise

Comprehensive scheduling for large organizations

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EMS Campus

Academic scheduling and event management

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EMS District

Managing K-12 facility use in the community

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EMS Legal

Streamlined scheduling for law firms

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EMS Workplace

Shared workspace, room and event scheduling

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