Tracking Room Utilization

The accurate tracking of room utilization is critical to organizations looking to effectively manage their real estate resources. After you have booked a meeting or event with one of the EMS facility and resource scheduling systems and the session has taken place, you want to be able to review actual attendance figures in order to plan for future volumes, optimize room use and ensure that events are being held in attendance-appropriate rooms.

EMS AttendanceTracker works with people counting sensors (purchased from third party vendors such as SenSource) to automatically detect actual attendance and record it in booking records within EMS without any human intervention.

Data collected can be utilized in your workplace business intelligence initiatives to help your organization save time, effort and money.

EMS Enterprise Best for multiple facilities that are managed independently or geographically dispersed
EMS Workplace Facilitates alternative working arrangements, often called hoteling or hot-desking, plus meeting and event management
EMS Campus Ideal for colleges and universities to optimize the use of facilities campus-wide
EMS District Activity scheduling and rental revenue management for K-12 school districts