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The choice of scheduling and event professionals in every industry

Being receptive to user input and designing software with power and flexibility in mind has made EMS products the choice of scheduling professionals in a wide variety of fields, in more than 75 countries, for more than 25 years.

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Corporations, law firms, conference and event centers use EMS to optimize space utilization, arrange resources, and manage shared workspace.

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Colleges, universities and K-12 schools use EMS to manage: rooms, academic scheduling, facility rentals, resources and event promotion.

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Local, federal and government-supported facilities (fairgrounds, libraries, civic centers, parks) use EMS to increase efficiency in room and resource scheduling.

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Hospitals and medical centers use EMS to coordinate training, book meeting and event space, as well as the necessary services and resources.

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Charities, foundations and associations use EMS as a cost-effective means to manage rooms, resources, and event promotion to staff and the public.

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Churches, synagogues, mosques and other worship facilities use EMS to schedule worship services, staff meetings, and public and private events.

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Sports & Cultural

Museums, zoos, performing arts and sports/entertainment venues use EMS for a wide variety of scheduling and calendaring needs in their respective fields.

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